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Secure Housing for Women in Need

Support Survivors with your donation to Haven Homes of Detroit this Giving Tuesday:

Physical and Mental Health Services

Vocational Support

Maintenance and Renovations of New House

Who we are

Haven Homes of Detroit was founded in 2021 to be a safe home and community in Detroit for women leaving human trafficking ocommercial sexual exploitation. We purchase and renovate homes to provide housing to women for up to two years rent-free in a safe, secure, community setting. 

Why Haven Homes

Housing insecurity and human trafficking are closely tied together. Women without safe housing are more likely to engage in dangerous employment to meet their basic needs, making them vulnerable to trafficking. Haven Homes of Detroit exists to address these issues head on and help vulnerable women during a time of need

Happy Friends
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We're Open and Serving Women at HHD!

Haven Homes of Detroit opened to Survivors of Human Trafficking in June 2023. We are now full with 4 women living at our first home. In November 2023, we purchased a second home in the neighborhood that will allow us to expand and house 3 more women as well as provide more community space for our Residents. Renovations will start in early 2024.


Your donations allow us to continue to provide physical and mental health care, therapies, and other wrap around services as well as support our staff with fair and living wages for the important work they do on behalf of the Residents at our home. Our yearly budget for a full home is approximately $200,000. Renovations on our new home are estimated to be $120,000. Consider a donation today to allow us to support women on their healing journey and complete renovations and open our doors to more women

Highlights and News 


We're Under Contract on
our 2nd Home 🏡

About a month ago, we had an unexpected opportunity to {finally} meet somebody at the house across the road who informed us that the house is up for sale!! We've been looking at this place since we first walked through our 1st home months ago but could never locate the owner. 

Our Corporate Sponsors

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