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We're officially under contract on a 2nd house! 🏡

What a journey! About a month ago, we had an unexpected opportunity to {finally} meet somebody at the house across the road who informed us that the house is up for sale!! We've been looking at this place since we first walked through our 1st home months ago but could never locate the owner. After reaching out to all of our supporters, you all helped us raise more than $50,000 in a single weekend 🤗. Next up, we were able to win the offer against a developer that also bid on the house. We've been on hold while we do some title checks, and there also seems to be a possibility that the home is on the demolition list for the City of Detroit. All that said, it has passed inspection, and we'll keep moving forward and hope to close before the end of 2023. There are not enough "Thank Yous" to ever say to adequately express how grateful we are for our supporters!! We can't wait to keep you posted on the progress for house #2.

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