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Sweet dreams 🌙

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

The words were out of my mouth without even thinking about the weight they carried. It was the most casual "good night and sweet dreams", like i say every night at home, almost said as a reflex. And as quick as I said it, i caught my breath and in a fleeting moment I realized the hope deferred over the last years- the prayers and dreams, fundraising, pulling nails, and renovations- the belief that even without a clear path forward we were where we were supposed to be- had come true. I sat quietly while I listened to our first resident finish washing her plate in the kitchen while I heard the other getting ready for bed upstairs. As I heard her climb the stairs upstairs, I went through the downstairs and shut off all the lights... and this view caught my eye as I was looking for the last light switch: a dining room table that has held conversations today, that has welcomed both staff, residents, and me and Aaron into our home. A gathering spot that will support meals and the community we are building. I saw the potential that this home holds for true healing and hope- both of which the world is longing to find. And as I turned out the last light for the night, my heart was absolutely full knowing that our faith has been made sight, and we finally have women in haven home.

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