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Your generosity is making a difference!

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

To all of our Haven Homes of Detroit supporters: You ALL are AMAZING!! 4 days ago HHD put out a call to action letting you know we had an opportunity to put in an offer on a dream 2nd house for HHD. We needed $55,000 within about 48 hours. It was a huge goal; a seemingly impossible task, one we almost felt silly even putting out into the world. Thankfully we believe in our mission and have a couple years of seeing big things happen when we asked, and so we started sharing our vision and the ask with you all. Two days later, we had almost 20 people come together to donate or pledge $57,000 allowing us to make an offer on the house today!

Check out the official announcement from Aaron:

We hope to hear later this week if our offer is accepted, and we will let all of you know as soon as we have an update. In the meantime, we want to say Thank You to all of you who reached out to support us, those that donated directly, and those that completed donation pledges. Aaron and I still marvel that we have been trusted with this mission and are so honored for your ongoing support and care of the women we support through Haven Homes of Detroit. The work isn't always easy or in our comfort zone, but the endless support and encouragement we have from our supporters and the women at our house make it impossible to consider doing anything besides moving forward in hopes that we can serve even more women at HHD.

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