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Fundraising blessings are here!

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Haven Homes of Detroit is feeling the love and support with our end of year giving wrapping up! At Thanksgiving we had put a goal out there that we were hoping to cross $100,000 raised before the end of 2021. We had about $25,000 to raise to meet that goal, and we did it! We hit $101,150 through your support.

We are so humbled by your support. We are not fundraising experts (yet! #2022Goals), but we never dreamed we would have raised more than $100,000 in our first year as we launched Haven. People have been so generous with both funds and support, and we are so thankful. We're also grateful that Aaron has been able to continue to flip homes to help with our funding through Axe & Hammer. God is so good!!

We are so humbled by your generosity. We are not fundraising experts (yet! arly January, we are still waiting to accept and schedule HVAC, and then we get a new roof and siding the first week of Feb!! Things are totally moving and shaking and finally moving forward it seems like. Stay tuned for updates and renovations pictures as we show you what progress HHD is making with your generous donations!gener

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