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Welcome, Emily!

Back when opening Haven Homes of Detroit was still a dream, we started looking for a Program Director. We looked, and looked, and looked... and found two part-time people, Alice (Lead Residential Specialist) and Beth (Program Coordinator) who have been working with Aaron to coordinate the services at HHD! Like most things that haven't worked out aswe thought they would, it has been a huge blessing to have two part-time people, and Alice and Beth have become integral parts of our HHD program.

We knew we would need a Program Director to help us grow when this second house fell in our laps, and with the Total Health grant that we received recently, we were in a position financially to be able to start looking for a Program Director. We are absolutely THRILLED to be able to announce that Emily Johnson will be joining HHD as our Program Director on Oct 30. She is spending the month of October wrapping up her job at Michigan Abolitionist Program (MAP) and spending some time at the house learning more about our program. Emily has a passion for working with Survivors of human trafficking and at-risk youth and women. She has dreamed about working in a residential setting, which made this Haven Homes of Detroit position interesting to her. Please help us in welcoming Emily to Haven Homes of Detroit!

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