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We saw a sign...

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Today we went housing hunting in Detroit! There's so much to say about that.... as in a whole other post coming soon. But, first. We got to our first house a little early, and we decided to look around the neighborhood while we waiting for our realtor.

And we saw a yard sign offering "Girls for sale" with a phone number to call if you wanted to get ahold of one of the girls for sale (or her pimp I supposed). On one hand, we've done enough with Love Runs to know that real girls are for sale. For some reason though we assume it was confined to online sites and word of mouth. Honestly, I guess we didn't realize that you could sell people on a yard sign. Maybe we should have taken a picture, but I didn't want to do anything to legitimize the fact that I just saw real people being sold on a rickety wood sign. And it seems to re-victimize them. How humiliating to be sold from a front yard.

Honestly- it's scary and humbling and a lot of other things that neither Aaron nor I know how to explain. It happens, and to pretend otherwise seems foolish. It also made us realize that there are real people who will stay at Haven Homes one day. That life is utterly out of control for people, and to think that we might offer some semblance of normalcy is inspiring and makes us keep moving this project forward. That our life is beyond blessed and that less than 25 miles from where we sleep every night, people are literally being sold in their front yard.

If you're a praying person, please pray. If you believe in other things, we'll take that, too. Honestly, this project seems heavier and weightier than we knew, but there is something in us that won't stop. Moving forward. I wonder if in a year or two... how many, will we forget. I can't believe that it will ever happen, that we'll forget the day that I saw with my own privileged eyes that people are being sold from a sign in a front yard.

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