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We have a house!

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

There are so many emotions and a whole lot of excitement wrapped up in one little sentence! Haven Homes of Detro has our first actual address. We had our final walk through and closing today, and before we knew it, HHD owned a property. From the first time we walked in the door, we knew that this was supposed to be our Haven house, and in many ways it really seems like we just finalized what was always supposed to be.

Today, on the way over to the house, I started to feel so anxious- so many crazy feelings about all the work that it's been to get to this point, all the people that are supporting us with thoughts, prayers, and lots of money, and the fact that there are real people waiting for us to get this house up and running. Right at that moment when I was telling Aaron that I just needed to know it would be ok, we saw a neighbor. We went to introduce ourselves, and I swear that woman had a prophetic word!! She asked if we were going to flip the house, and Aaron told her that we were actually going to use it for transitional housing. As I started to get nervous that she wasn't going to be too excited about a house like Haven across the street she told us "you know- we all need a helping hand every now and then, and it's hard to make your mark unless you're willing to take a risk". Well, Miss Wanda, I do think those are the words that Haven Homes is built on, which seems perfect and just right as we got the keys to a house in Detroit.

Stay tuned for reno plans, fundraising updates, and some other news. And yes- we realize it's not much to look at right now, but we see the potential and can't wait to see the "after" pictures.

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2 comentarios

This is a beautiful house! ❤️

Me gusta

Michael Baker
Michael Baker
13 nov 2021

CONGRATS on this BIG step! Many more to come!

Me gusta
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