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The Power of One Person

This morning, Aaron and I were reflecting on this last year for Haven Homes of Detroit. It's almost impossible to believe that it's only been 12 months that we've had a physical building and not much before that when our dream took the name of Haven Homes of Detroit! We have learned so much and grown even more over the year (check out the picture for a good visual of all that's happened!). We reflected on one of the best (and unexpected) blessings we've had this year which has been meeting so many amazing people who are on mission to make the world a better place. It's been an inspiring, humbling, and precious gift we don't take for granted. It has made us realize the power that one person, when they work with other like minded people, has to truly change the world, and we are so thankful to have met and worked with so many inspirational people as we start Haven Homes of Detroit.

We talked about what's coming up for us at HHD, including our goal to open for Residents in January. Recently, Lori (a board member) and I had the privilege of touring the Salvation Army's Southeast Michigan Adult Rehabilitation Center and meeting Lynne Williams. This is a great program for men and women looking for ongoing sobriety support, and often have women there who have a history of human trafficking or commercial sexual exploitation (an example is a woman choosing work in the sex industry to secure food, shelter, etc). We got to meet a woman, Emily, who was graduating from the program that day, and she will be looking for transitional housing starting in mid-January. And it hit me, as I realized in a different way, how one person can bring meaning and purpose to our work. We have dreamed and kept in our hearts, through all the paper work, regulation processes, and renovation projects, that someday there would be someone ready to move into Haven Homes of Detroit. In my minds' eye, I've been able to catch visions of women in our house or have met somebody who reminded me why this work is important, but none of it was as powerful as meeting somebody who is actually waiting for our house to open so she can move in.

And so, now with a renewed sense of gratitude for the people we've met this past year who have helped Haven Homes grow, and a passion for Emily who has helped us realize there will be a people ready for our home to open, we are looking forward to kicking off our end of the year campaign that recognizes and honors the power of each person we've met on this journey and those yet to come. We have a lot to get done between now and mid-January, but for today and tomorrow, we'll rest and remember the Power of One Person.

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thanks for this amazing work Kristen & Aaron - may the Lord continue to direct your paths!

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