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The Announcement We've Been Waiting to Make

To say this announcement has been a long time in the making seems like an understatement! I was scanning through my Google Photos today, and I found the video of our first house hunting excursion to Detroit on March 13, 2021; so this new is at least 2 years of waiting. More than that though, the first time I had a vision about us having a non-profit in Detroit working with women leaving human trafficking was in the summer of 2014. A hope and dream we've been imagining and dreaming about for almost 10 years is almost here. Recently I wrote "a dream that has become a reality for others to see is more than I can ever put into words", and that sediment runs deep for us this month. We pray that Haven Homes of Detroit becomes a true place of hope and healing for women; and with all the growth that has come from years of waiting, we are so excited to share this announcement...

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