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Our Official "After" Pictures

Updated: May 6, 2023

Our favorite Real Estate photographer stopped by Haven Homes of Detroit last week and took some awesome photos of our finished home. Sam Parham with The Packer Group, always does a phenomenal job taking photos for Aaron's flip homes, and we were honored that Sam wanted to take photos for us at Haven Homes of Detroit! Not only can we not stop scrolling through the finished photos, our hearts are so full reflecting over the last 18 months and all the generous and lovely people we have gotten to meet on this journey! This house has been a labor of love, and I think it's so fitting that it truly took a village of people to finish this house that is meant to be community of healing and hope for the women who will be moving in soon! I tell Aaron all the time, our work at Haven has given me renewed hope in humanity; and I am constantly in awe of all the people who have partnered with us knowing their efforts will help women in need!

A special thank you to some of our subcontractors who offered their time and talents to make this place a home: Brickworks, Wallside Windows, MasterCraft Heating and Plumbing, MultiConstruction, Junk Busters, and Mike Nemecek with Efficient Electric! We appreciate your generosity and willingness to give of your own time and profits because of your belief that you can help make a difference in the lives of women here in Detroit. We are so thankful to have gotten the chance to partner with you. And last, but not least (and not only because he's the co-founder and happens to be my hubby), a huge thanks to Aaron and Axe and Hammer! Aaron donated more than 18 months of his time to this project, passing up on other home flips for his business so he could finish this project. I watched him faithfully dress in layers and work without heat and electricity through the winter and sweat all summer without any air conditioning. He stretched beyond his comfort zone to bring donors and subcontractors on board to work with him and believed in our vision of safe housing. He's been so intentional about carrying our heart and vision into the neighborhood and spends so much time taking care of and looking out for those already living on our street in a way that has built trust and respect for HHD. And so- finding myself without any other way to express my thanks to all of the people that have made this renovated home a reality- we say thank you, thank you for your time, efforts, and belief in Haven Homes of Detroit!

See a few of Sam's pictures here, and if you want to see more "Before and After" pictures, click on the link below to see the stunning work that's been done to create a safe home for women in need.

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So exciting to see Aaron & Kristen! May the Lord use this place as a refuge for the women who will occupy it!

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