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House Hunting for Haven Homes

Updated: May 19, 2021

We've looked for more than a few homes over the years, but never, have we ever house hunted quite like we did today! We knew we weren't really ready to buy yet, but we are trying to get a better idea about exactly what it will look like to buy a house in need of legit reno over in Detroit.

First- a quick clip... It was a crazy moment of realizing that we are actually moving forward with Haven Homes of Detroit. This has been an idea of a dream for so long, that it's almost unbelievable to realize we are actually looking at property....

A couple shots of potential properties (I see the potential in the first one, Aaron- who has to do the reno- was not convinced!!).

All in all, it was actually a really great day with a lot of things learned. We realized that if we can find a duplex, this could be perfect for a house parent to have a little bit of more privacy and space. We also found out that if you buy with an part of your property touching or diagonal to a house that is demolished, you end up getting the now vacant property for $100! We also realized that logistically, we really need to have all the funds raised to buy, reno, and get at least the house parent in the house pretty quickly once we own the property- although it's not super dangerous, there is a real issue of squatters, theft, and property damage for an uninhabited property.

So many lessons learned, and we have a tentative plan to start looking for properties again in July with our Realtor... now off to share our vision with anybody who will listen and start fundraising!

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