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Happy {unofficial} 1st birthday HHD!

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

We are celebrating this week! It is Haven Homes of Detroit's unofficial 1st birthday!! It was one year ago this week that Aaron and I were on vacation and had promised each other that we would put this idea we had been talking and dreaming about in a power point before our trip was over. And we did! We put together the roughest start of a pitch deck and named our vision Haven Homes of Detroit.

We cannot even believe how far our vision has come since then! The time between Jan and March when we will celebrate our "real" birthday was busy finding a lawyer, lots of paperwork, putting together a board, and getting Element H to get us a presentable pitch deck and design document with a logo, colors, and everything else you all see that makes HHD look presentable!

This year has been such a year of growth! It has been amazing and so cool to launch HHD with Aaron. We love seeing where we've been, but both believe there is so much more ahead for HHD. We are dreaming and praying that this is the year that we have people move into our house!! To all of you who have partnered with us, have donated money, resource, and time, to you who have prayed, and those who have dreamed with us- thank you!! And cheers to year 2 at Haven Homes of Detroit 🎉🥳

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