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Element H is {still} a corporate sponsor

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Element H isn’t a new corporate sponsor, but they have signed up for another year of supporting HHD! It's hard to explain how much HHD values the support of Element H and the work they do on our behalf. Everything we share with you all has their fingerprints on it: our pitch deck, our branding, website, logo, and brochures. Along with their talents, Element H has taught us that there is unexplainable value in just showing up early in a project and the power of belief in a vision. This team took our simple powerpoint way back in February of 2020 and saw enough there to believe in the work of HHD. The colors, imagery, and tone of their pieces is spot on, and it's a true privilege to have them back as a corporate sponsor for 2023!

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