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Brickworks joins HHD as a Corporate Sponsor

We are thrilled to announce Haven Homes of Detroit has a new corporate sponsor! Brickworks, LLC has been a total Godsent to us as we found them when our usually reliable mason ended up backing out. After a Facebook post, Brickworks reached out asking to quote the job, and the first time we met them we realized we are two like-minded organizations! Brickworks believes strongly in providing exception work but also believe in the ability of employment to change somebody's life. Over 90% of their team is in recovery and many of them have been in a half-way or 3/4 house before. They immediately understood and believed in our vision that safe, secure housing coupled with job support and ongoing psychological care is essential for women coming out of human trafficking.

Because of their commitment to ongoing sobriety, we've been able to meet and network with multiple other networks and people in the recovery community!! We are so excited that not only did we get an AMAZING porch because of Brickworks at a significantly reduced price, we have made professional connections that will impact our ability to meet the sobriety needs of the women at our house!!

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