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Aaron and I were just talking (aka scheming and dreaming) about how things are going to work financially for renovations if we end up getting this house we're waiting to hear about. I kept repeating- if we could just get our tax-exempt status fundraising should be easier. Fast-forward to supper, my parents FaceTimed (we use their address for our HHD address to be safe) with the amazing news that our IRS letter came today confirming that we now have our 501(3)(c) status!!! Oh yeah! All donations to date are actually tax-exempt and covered since when we filed, but we suspect that people will be a little more interested in donating with our tax-exempt status in place. And more donations would be awesome- fingers crossed we have an announcement next week about a certain Detroit home that needs a little Axe & Hammer reno love to get it ready to be our #1 Haven Home.

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