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Alice continues to advocate and shape federal policy for Survivors

Alice Jay, Lead Residential Specialist at HHD recently wrapped up a 6-month fellowship with

the Human Trafficking Leadership Academy where she, along with other Lived Experience Experts and Health and Human Service Experts, participated in leadership training and development of recommendations related to the prevention of human trafficking in youth. Her fellowship wrapped up at the end of September with a formal presentation to the Federal Government’s Office on Trafficking in Persons and the Office of Women’s Health at the US Department of Health and Human Services that outlined the cohort's recommendations to empower youth on the risks of human trafficking and exploitation in schools, media, and in the community. Their recommendations will help inform the government's creation of new policy and funding.

Please help us as we celebrate Alice's hard work and thank her for her courageous advocacy for Survivors of Human Trafficking at the National level. We are so proud to have Alice as our Lead Residential Specialist and are thankful for her expertise that she shares with women at our house. Alice's involvement with Haven Homes of Detroit has been such a huge blessing to us! She is a bright light that shines relentlessly, and her commitment to encouraging others has been a true gift to the Survivor Community!

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