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Detweiler Short

Kristen has her bachelor of science in nursing and has worked at Mayo Clinic in oncology and the pediatric intensive care unit.  She earned her masters in science as a family nurse practitioner, where she continued her care of patients with cancer.  When they moved to Michigan, she continued working as a Nurse Practitioner at University of Michigan's Cancer Center.  In 2014, her job took an unexpected turn when she left clinical practice and worked as a clinical nurse educator for a pharmaceutical company.  
After different jobs within the company, she is now working as a director for sales strategy, communications, and innovation.  She loves her job now: all day she takes complex ideas and figures out how to make them come to life and create communications about them. Not only has she found a passion, the experience has been so helpful as she and Aaron launched Haven Homes of Detroit. She continued to volunteer as a Nurse Practitioner until COVID at a Detroit clinic for uninsured women.
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