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Beth Lepsch

Beth graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a bachelor in Intercultural Studies and
Recreation Management. During her time at collage she traveled all over the world and spent time living with the marginalized and working to better their conditions. Beth spent time in India working with the women in the “red light district”. Her work in India with the women being trafficked really fueled her passion to continue this work wherever she lives.


Over the past 7 years, Beth has served on a street team with a local non-profit organization (All
Worthy of Love) which reaches out to both men and women enslaved by street-prostitution.  Within the past 4 years, Beth has managed All Worthy of Love’s hotline. Managing the hotline
Beth has been able to orchestrate rescuing victims of trafficking through weekly outreach and
help restore victims of trafficking through partnerships with local organizations that offer safe
housing and restorative care.

While serving with All Worthy of Love, Beth recognized a huge need for safe housing for women coming out of a rehab/detox program. Many times Beth has helped a woman get into a rehab/detox program, but once the woman had finished the program she had no safe place to return to or a positive support system to help keep her off the street.

Outside of work, Beth and her husband are foster parents. They have been foster parents for
five years. Beth and her family love to be outdoors, camping and hiking. Apart from her family,
Beth loves to grow vegetables and flowers.

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