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Director of Residential and Programing Services

Type of Position:  Full time position

Location:  Detroit, Michigan


Haven Homes of Detroit is a new transitional home opening in Detroit. Our mission is to offer hope and healing to women who have suffered from commercial sexual exploitation through transitional housing and a 2-year program that aims to empower women to maintain sobriety, gain skills for independent living, and be able to provide stability through employment. We have 4 beds in our renovated home and are looking for somebody to grow with us and have significant impact on our organization. We are a Sister Organization with Thistle Farms and will be using their community-based residential model to provide care and partner with women living in our home.


The Director works under the Board of Directors and President to implement best practices and excellent standards of residential care and therapeutic programming for survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addictions. The Director fosters a home and work environment that promotes physical and psychological safety and personal accountability. 


Primary Responsibilities of Director Position

  • Provide oversight at the residence while empowering increasing accountability and independence for the women living at the home.

  • Set the tone in the home a loving, caring community of support and growth

  • Provide leadership, mentorship, and guide mediation to Residents 

  • Ensure that Residents have access to appropriate psychoeducational groups, whether in-house or by community providers

  • Oversee new Resident orientation at Haven Homes of Detroit and work with Residents to complete onboarding and creation of individual programs that work towards goals of maintaining sobriety, creating wellness, and finding educational or vocational opportunities 

  • Provide coordination for house schedule to meet personal and program goals through weekly meeting and on an on-going basis

  • Coordinate and help find transportation to medical appointments, therapy and sobriety support meetings, and other programming appointments 

  • Distribute approved medication and assist with prescription management and access

  • Ensure all policies and protocols are being followed and documented to create safety and stability for Residents 

  • Provide the Executive Director and Board of Directors with updates, information, and programmatic outcomes, as requested

  • Network and develop relationships with other human service agencies in Metro-Detroit that may be able to partner with HHD and Residents

  • Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the fields of Human Trafficking, Addiction Recovery, and Trauma-Informed Care/Resiliency 

  • Work with HHD Treasurer to ensure budget is accurate and being met

  • Work with HHD President to ensure residence security and maintenance needs are met


  • Facilitate dispensing of controlled medications as prescribed by a licensed healthcare provider

  • Administer drug tests randomly and if concern for relapse


Required Attributes, Credentials, and Experience:

  • Must embrace the mission of Haven Homes of Detroit and live out compassion for all people with a passion for working with victims of sexual trafficking, prostitution, and addictions. 

    • Ability to work with women who have experienced severe trauma without judgment or unrealistic expectations

    • Experience in the field of social welfare, social work, counseling, and human services (volunteer or employment)

    • Strong ability to self-regulate emotions during a crisis or intense emotional situations

    • Able to balance crisis work with self-care practices

    • Skill and proficiency in guiding those with complex histories of trauma in a way that is motivating and constructive to help meet goals

    • Flexible hours to address emergency situations, meetings, and other priorities

    • Ability to work independently with strong sense of focus and clear sense of boundaries

    • Ability to adhere to confidentiality as required by law, ethics, and in the best interest of volunteers and Residents 

    • Strong understanding of own spirituality and ability to discuss spirituality with Residents in a way that honors their own belief systems and encourages healing

  • Strong abilities to communicate through verbal and written words

  • Familiarity with technology and comfortability with or ability to learn how to hosting virtual meetings, use word processing to record Residents’ progress to goals, and online calendar

  •  Successful completion of criminal background check

    • Willingness to respond after hours in case of emergency

    • If identifying as being in recovery from Substance Use Disorder and willing to share details of personal recovery experience must have a minimum of 2-years continued sobriety immediately prior to application

    • Valid driver’s license with clean driving record, vehicle, and insurance


Preferred Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Social Work, Counseling, Human Services, or related field

  • Case management and/or clinical care experience

  • Course work and/or clinical care experience in the areas of trauma informed care, addiction, alcohol and drug abuse, and physical, emotional, and sexual abuse

  • Working experience of Staff and Volunteers at a residential, shelter, recovery, or crisis facility; supervisory experience ideal

  • Experience leading effective psycho-educational and recovery groups


Compensation and Benefits:


  • Compensation will be based on education and experience, range is $50,000-$55,000. 2 weeks of paid time off and health benefits included.

To Apply:


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