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Gracie Mae Photography visits HHD

Haven Homes of Detroit was so honored and excited to have Maegan Bartell of Gracie Mae Photography donate her time and talent a couple weeks ago! We have a few different media sessions coming up and found ourselves in need of some professional pictures of us and the house. In the most crazy of ways, we were connected to Maegan through our friends at ElementH, but we quickly found out that Maegan is friends with lots of our friends, we go to the same church, and she has done some photography work for Love Runs previously! I never get tired of thanking people for their generous support of HHD. We would never be where we are today without so many people sharing our vision and donating time, effort, and money to help us reach our goal of housing women at our house by the end of 2022! Here's a peak at some of Gracie Mae's photos, and if you're in the metro-Detroit area, please reach out to Gracie Mae Photography for your future photo needs 💕

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